NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is NLP in hypnosis?

When the tools of NLP were used to study the world’s most effective hypnotist (Milton Erickson), a compelling and impressive set of language patterns emerged. These patterns are collectively called The Milton Model.

NLP refers to Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

  • N: Neurology, the mind and how we think.
  • L: Linguistics, how we use language and how it affects us.
  • P: Programming, how we sequence our actions to achieve our goals.

NLP is the study of how we use our minds subjectively to communicate and behave, which results in our current state and/or environment. Techniques evolved from this study allows us to vary our thoughts and therefore our behaviours to achieve our desired goals or outcomes within an environment that is limitless.

Effectiveness of NLP

Each Milton Model language pattern is a valuable tool for hypnotically opening up the mind to new possibilities. Using these ultra high-level techniques you can gain trust and credibility, turbo-charge the feeling of connection others have for you, melt objections away and truly, and deeply engage the subconscious mind. These techniques are very effective with issues, such as:

  • Public speaking, tests, presentations, job interviews, sports/games.
  • Behavioural changes, tolerating others and their behaviour, resolving conflict within a relationship.
  • Fears, phobias, traumatic events, healing & pain management, fear of needles, going to chemotherapy, going to the dentist, anxiousness about surgery, after surgery recovering or if not recovering well.
  • Smoking cessation.