7th Path

7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

Learning the 7th Path

Would you like to learn a special kind of self-hypnosis? Often therapies concentrate on only mind and body and don’t work with emotional problems. Almost any kind of work with humans should include an understanding and deal with feelings. All feelings are good! They are useful, but it is hurtful to ignore them.

It is bad for you when you feel bad about feeling bad!

7th Path Self-Hypnosis® is a Mind-Body-Spirit approach developed by Master Hypnotist Calvin Banyan, USA. It uses a series of inspired thoughts called Recognitions.

Recognitions weaken and remove negative beliefs you may be holding against yourself such as “People always hurt me.”

The first four Recognitions within the 7th Path address:

  • Feeling unsupported by life
  • Feeling unlovable
  • Feeling inadequate
  • Forgiveness of Others and of the Self

Empty the “cup”