A Day in the Life of Ms. Karita Fischer

Our therapist Ms. Karita Fischer’s average day is filled with hypnotherapy and counseling to help people forgive others or even bring estranged families together. Recently she had one such day and in this blog post, we are going to talk about how she does it.

Case 1:

Being a family can be a pleasure to some people but also a pain to others. Bringing people of different characters together to form a bond and maintaining it for years is not an easy task, especially on the head members of the families. Problems are most often caused by miscommunication and that can lead to various problems such as adultery, separation and marriage annulment.

It’s easy to find reasons for divorce and Divorce Lawyers are a dime a dozen and more than happy to get a business through a divorce. Of course, not every divorce lawyer out there want to separate couples, but that being their job, we can’t blame them for doing it especially if it is a mutual agreement by the couple.

However, did you know that divorce and heartbreak don’t have to be the answer to a misunderstanding or miscommunication?

Did you know that sometimes hypnosis or marriage counseling can help? Our Counselor Ms. Karita Fischer not only does marriage counseling but also family therapy.

And that is exactly how she helped a family get together again after the husband in the family moved out after a separation. Through marital counseling, she managed to get the husband to move back home and helped a broken family become whole again.

So next time there’s a conflict in the family, please do not throw words like separation or divorce so easily into the argument. Stop for a moment and consider contacting us to set up an appointment for marital counseling or couple hypnosis. We guarantee results within 4 sessions. You will definitely see a difference after the first session itself.

Case 2:

One of the things we hear the most often these days are sexual abuse. Sexual abuse by a family member or a close relative or a close friend. And the sexual abuse can range from molestation to rape. It’s a very sensitive topic for women and men who have been through it to open up about and even seek therapy for.

Many blame themselves and only a small percentage of afflicted women or men seek or get therapy and recover. Now, you may ask, how can you recover from something as terrible as sexual abuse? Most often you recover through forgiveness. It is a trauma and the victim either delete the entire memory of it or relive the memory when something as simple as accidentally brushing your hand against a male / female stranger happens.

Our counselor and therapist Ms. Karita Fischer has handled many cases of sexual abuse but in this blog post, we will be sharing one that she did recently, where her client’s dad sexually abused her client when she was just a little girl.

Little girls are supposed to get love from both their parents. However, fathers sexually abusing their daughters happen more often than we hear of. But the little girls don’t voice it out – 1. because it’s their daddy and they think their daddy is loving them by doing that, and 2. because they are too young to know the difference or the impact it will have on their lives later on.

So Ms. Fischer’s client’s father began abusing her at a young age and Ms. Fischer helped her forgive her dad through hypnosis. She used age regression to bring forth the memories of abuse during her childhood and forgiveness therapy methods as explained in 5-PATH® to help her forgive her dad and move on with her life. 

Many people think forgiving is forgetting but it doesn’t necessarily have to be about forgetting. Sometimes forgiving is to let go and move on with one’s life.

If any of the above stories resonate with you or remind you of someone you know, don’t hesitate to call us to know more about what we can do for you or your contact. 

No one has to suffer in silence anymore. Ms. Karita Fischer can help you overcome anything with hypnotherapy or counseling tailor-made for you by infusing NLP, Quantum Touch, EFT or Self hypnosis by the 7th Path into your treatment. 

Don’t forget, we are open every day except Sundays from 9AM to 8PM and our contact details are as follows:

Phone: +65 9753 3445
Email: karita@hypnotherapy.com.sg

And a quick quote from Ms. Fischer herself:

Many of my clients are skeptical about hypnosis. But after the first session with me they are amazed at how well it works!

Do you have any questions about hypnotherapy or our clinic? Don’t hesitate to comment below and we will get back to you real quick.

We wish you a bright and beautiful day!

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